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Insurance Application

1Choose your insurance

Single Trip Travel close
A trip that takes place entirely during the Period of Insurance, within the Geographical Limits selected and not exceeding 180 days duration.
Annual Multi Trip Travel close
The Annual Multi-Trip product provides cover for any number of trips which take place during a twelve month policy period. Each trip must start and finish in the United Kingdom and not exceed 60 days duration.

Trips undertaken wholly within the United Kingdom are covered provided they involve a minimum of two nights pre-booked accommodation.

2Geographical Limits?
Geographical Limits close
European Cove means the United Kingdom, Continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, any other country or island with a Mediterranean coastline, the Azores, Canary Island, Republic of Island, Iceland and Madeira.

Worldwide Cover - Anywhere in the World.

3Commencement Date

Commencement Date
Commencement Date close
For Single Trip Travel policies this is the date that the Insured leaves the United Kingdom to commence their trip. Cover cannot be incepted more than 180 days in advance.

For Annual Multi-Trip Travel policies this is the date on which you require your insurance cover to start. Cover cannot be incepted more than 30 days in advance. Please note that cancellation cover operates from the Commencement Date of the insurance.
Return Date close
The date you return to the United Kingdom at the end of their trip.
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4Please specify the total number of persons to be insured

Infant (0-2 yrs)
Child (2-15 yrs)
Adult (16-64 yrs)
Adult (65-70 yrs)